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Wilson Koewing



Wilson Koewing is a writer from South Carolina. His debut story collection "Jaded" is available from Main Street Rag/Mint Hill Books. Click HERE to purchase. 

You can read an interview where Wilson discusses the writing of JADED at Bull Magazine HERE

He also discusses the book in an interview with Reckon Review HERE.

Another review from Cowboy Jamboree Magazine can be read HERE























Praise for JADED: 

"In his debut collection, JADED, Wilson Koewing never once misses the mark. These stories are razor sharp. The characters drawn so adeptly readers will be able to imagine lives that extend well beyond the pages of this book." - Andrew Siegrist, author of WE IMAGINED IT WAS RAIN (Hub City Press) 

"Reading JADED feels like you're peeking through a keyhole, or reading someone else's texts. A car crash of a collection that you can not turn away from. Koewing's prose is urgent, abrasive and sexy; his characters naked, vulnerable and devastating. It is a must read of contemporary literary fiction." - Meagan Lucas, author of HERE IN THE DARK (Shotgun Honey) 

"By turns tender and brutal, these stories consume the world the way we all do now—in short and brilliant bursts. JADED takes us from the kitchens of the French Quarter to the heights of Denver's construction cranes. This is fiction steeped in place and Koewing is a willing tour guide. No stranger to a Sazerac, he's too good at making you stay for just one more." -Greg Tebbano









Wilson Koewing's writing has been featured in Pembroke Magazine, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Gargoyle Magazine, New World Writing, Maudlin House, Wigleaf, Hobart and many others.

His story "Rock Wall"  from Maudlin House was longlisted for the 2021  Wigleaf Top 50. 


His essay "Woodstown" originally published in Pembroke Magazine was named a notable American essay of 2020 by Best American Essays.


His short story "Point to Point" was named a distinguished story of 2023 by The Best American Mystery and Suspense Anthology. 



His second book, QUASI, is available from Anxiety Press. Click HERE or HERE to purchase. 

You can read a review of QUASI HERE.

Praise for QUASI: 

"QUASI is a powerful dance between startling reality and a distant and dreamy otherworld. Wilson Koewing can take your head off with one piece, break your heart with the next, all the while offering characters both broken beyond repair and, in subtle contrast, strong and good-hearted. It's a book of black and white in some ways, but in the end, Koewing is a rainbow against a dark sky. Completely unique in the world." - Sheldon Lee Compton, author of THE ORCHARD IS FULL OF SOUND (Cowboy Jamboree Press) 

"Koewing paints in sunset shades of nostalgia. What could have been is always right there under the surface of what was. It’s a feeling that will escort you through this collection, from his childhood in rural South Carolina to the realm of Quasi, where the uncanny mingles with the possibility of a reimagined past." - Greg Tebbano

"I don't know if Koewing is real or entity that shows up at the campfire after three glasses of bourbon. But either way, his stories will move inside you like air and water." - Scott Laudati, author of PLAY THE DEVIL (Bone House Press) 

"Wilson is a wordsmith, no question. His fearlessness and blood and guts approach to writing make these stories sing, cry and linger long after they have been read... a writer to watch out for and one I will follow." - Kevin Richard White, author of THE EXPLODING TREE (Anxiety Press)


His chapbook "Shrink Wraps and Oddities" is now available from Bottlecap Press HERE.



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Short Stories 





Rolling on the Bottom (Short Story Collection) Cowboy Jamboree Press 

Detritus Homme (poetry collection) Nut Hole Publishing 


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